"Respect- to get it you must give it"


This term one of the Christian Values is respect. At school we will be learning about the importance of treating others with respect even if we sometimes do not agree with the way they behave or the things they say. We will also be thinking about how we should treat the things that belong to us and to other people respectfully

Can you think of any practical ways that you show respect to each other in your family?

Often we show respect to someone by the way we speak to them. What does this mean in practice?


Do you treat one another's possessions with respect? What does this mean in practice? 

                                                                                            Bible Story

Moses and the Burning Bush

Look at the link below - Why did Moses go back to Egypt? How did Moses get the king to respect him? What was the final outcome of the story? Did Moses achieve what he set out to do?


Can you design a poster to show the different ways people can respect one another? 

Some examples can be seen below.

Send your posters into school or take a picture of it and send to your teacher through the class email, we can't wait to see your designs.