Our Vision and Values

We are very excited to be 'moving house' in September 2021 to a bigger and more purpose school site to meet the demands of the expansion of the village and within walking distance from the Church of St Peter's and Thurston Community College.
The school community have taken the opportunity to revise our vision and values and have asked the questions:


What does our school mean to us?

Why are we here?

What do we do well?

How do we want our vision and values to grow?

Parents, staff, governors and of course the pupils all responded to these questions and following some real soul searching - especially from the children- a vision and values committee was formed. Their initial job was to write some simple statements in their own words articulating our vision to be shared with the whole community.

Our Vision and Christian Values

  • At Thurston Primary Academy we have high expectations, we work hard and are the best we can be.

The best we can be!

  • We know that we are all different, but we promise to help each other learn.

We accept each  other’s differences.

  • Our strong Christian values help us to encourage each other to be kind, respectful and get along in peace.


We are kind and peaceable.

  • ​We have a strong community conscience; we work creatively  to raise awareness of the world we live in.

We look after our world.

  • We care about our school community and help each other to be healthy, happy, positive and behave well in our work and play.

We behave well.


  • We are resilient, we never give up on our dreams and believe we can succeed no matter how hard the challenge is.

Never give up!

We support our vision with the biblical reference: 

“..with God all things are possible.” 

    Matthew 19: 26

Our Generosity Tree

apple tree.jpg

Robin Class created another 'pop-up' prayer tree and reflective area with Mrs Bunton to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D Day and the Normandy Landings. They made prayers and said a silent prayer around the tree.