Wellbeing Resources

Below are some resources we hope you find useful to improve or maintain your family's wellbeing during this challenging time. Please share any useful resources to friends and other families who might benefit from them.  

The word wellbeing seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue recently, and at Thurston CE Primary Academy we recognise that children’s wellbeing is an incredibly important factor to the development of each individual. We would like to help you support your child with this during the period of isolation. Below are links to support your child’s wellbeing and mental and physical health. 

Joe Wicks workout daily at 9:00am.
Jumpstart Jonney workouts will get you out of breath. 
A more relaxing approach to wellbeing, telling stories whilst completing Yoga moves.
At home and For families option where you can access free movement and mindfulness videos.

Following breathing exercises in a calm environment.

This website has a calm zone where you can access activities, breathing exercises, yoga, games and videos on ways to cope and expressing emotion. 

The mental health charity Mind.org offer advice and  support on mental health and wellbeing.

NSFT have set up a 24/7 helpline called First Response offering immediate advice, support and signposting for people with mental health difficulties.